Atlantic County is home to the areas which Executive Realtors serves.  Located in the Pine Barrens Preserve, the County is a thriving area, seeing continued growth and development.You can learn more about Atlantic County, NJ and the surrounding Townships by visiting:

1-AbseconAbsecon is located approximately 60 miles south east of Philadelphia and 10 miles inland from Atlantic City.  The Lenni Lenape Indians were the original inhabitants of the land.  The city’s name, Absecon, is “derived from the Indian word for bay or little water.” (1)  The late 1700s saw Absecon as a busy seaport and developing community.  The first post office was established in 1807(2) and by 1832 the Lenni Lenape sold all the land to the NJ Legislature (3).That same sense of adventure and community development continues to today.You can learn more about Absecon, NJ by visiting:

2-Atlantic CityAtlantic City is located approximately 60 miles south east of Philadelphia.  Established as a tourist attraction by Dr. Jonathan Pitney in the mid-1800’s, the City continues with that heritage.  From sunshine and sand to casinos and museums, there is something for everyone.You can learn more about Atlantic City, NJ by visiting:



4-Egg Harbor TownshipEgg Harbor home to famed author, Corbain Coltrane, among others.  Many wonder how the name “Egg Harbor” came about.  Great Egg Harbor got its name from Dutch explorer Cornelius Jacobsen Mey. In 1614, Mey came upon the inlet to the Great Egg Harbor River.

The meadows were so covered with shorebird and waterfowl eggs that he called it “Eieren Haven”(4).  You can learn more about Egg Harbor Township, NJ by visiting:

5-GallowayGalloway Twp., like their sister communities Hammonton, Mullica Township, Egg Harbor City, Port Republic, Brigantine, Atlantic City, and the northern part of Absecon, was once part of Old Gloucester County.  “The Township of Galloway was created by Royal Patent of King George III of England on April 4, 1774.”(5) These growing communities are home to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club.  You can learn more about Galloway and Galloway Township, NJ by visiting:

6-LinwoodLinwood, in the 19th century was a little village called Leedsville.  In 1880, at the request of the US Post Office, Leedsville was asked to change its name to Linwood due to confusion with another community with the same name.  It was the home of seamen, baymen and farmers throughout most of its history.

Like most of the country, after World War II the community changed when new industries brought more people and the farms were sold off for housing developments. (6)  That trend of growth continues to this day.  You can learn more about Linwood, NJ by visiting:

MargateMargate is located on Absecon Island just a short five miles from Atlantic City.  Though its history does not go back at far as other Shore towns, its growth and interest can be contributed to an elephant.  In mid-19th century, a Philadelphia real estate entrepreneur needed a gimmick to entice real estate shoppers to the area.  He built a hotel and restaurant in the shape of an elephant who was nicknamed Lucy.   Lucy the Elephant continues to reside in Margate and remains a popular attraction of both residents and visitors.  Don’t miss seeing her! You can learn more about Margate, NJ by visiting:


7-Mays LandingMays Landing,located in Hamilton Twp is the County seat of Atlantic County.  Once known as the center of shipbuilding in Atlantic County, the community was named for Captain George May, who sailed the Great Egg Harbor River in 1740, and purchased land in the area in 1756.(7)You can learn more about Mays Landing, NJ by visiting:

8-NorthfieldNorthfield, known as “The Gateway to the Shore” is a small city covering 3.5 square miles and surrounded by Pleasantville, Linwood, and Egg Harbor Township communities.  Once a bustling seaport from 1830 to 1880 when local shipbuilding and shipping were at their heights principal exports were cord wood for the brick yard kilns of Manhattan and clams for the restaurant tables of New York and Philadelphia.  Northfield offers Birch Grove Park and Campground as a pleasant vacation spot for campers.  You can learn more about Northfield, NJ by visiting:


10-SmithvilleSmithville is home to historic Smithville Inn and Village.   Once stagecoaches stop along King’s Highway, it now is a quaint shopping village with restaurants to tempt any appetite.  Said to be located in the swampy areas between Smithville and the bay, the folktale of the Jersey Devil have persisted since the 1880’s delighting young and old alike.  You can learn more about Smithville, NJ by visiting:


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